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IGBC Platinum Certified building

Salsette 27 is one of the ten buildings in Mumbai to receive IGBC Platinum Certification. Being fully equipped with solar lights, solar water heaters, and waste and sewage treatment plants, these eco-friendly homes offer comfortable and healthy living. The energy efficient apartments consume lesser power, which means a relatively lower expenditure on electricity and a smaller carbon footprint.

Active pursuits at Bom Baim
Artist's Impression
Active pursuits at Bom Baim

Salsette 27 gets rated 7 out of 7 star by Crisil

Salsette 27, has achieved the highest rating of 7 out of 7 stars from CRISIL Real Estate Star Grading and has been captioned as Mumbai’s 7star project. This unique and remarkable recognition underscores the project's exceptional value proposition in terms of construction quality, design innovation, overall financial health with track record of the developer / promoters & clarity on title etc. The 7 star rating by a prestigious institution like CRISIL is a formal recognition of the trust already placed by ~400 home buyers in the project which is now ready for possession. The 7 star rating received by Salsette 27 is the outcome of various customer-focused value propositions as mentioned below because of which the project secured maximum score on CRISIL’s elaborate grading assessment. The coveted 7-star rating from CRISIL Real Estate accentuates the project's design innovation, financial stability, construction excellence, and developer/promoter track record.